Tulsa Pet Spa Service Additions

Color Enhancement

Do you remember when your little black poodle was a dark rich black color and now she has lightened up so much she’s almost grey, or when you’re Golden in his younger years was a rich gold red color? Make your older dog look young again, with Color enhancement at our Tulsa Pet Spa.

Creative Coloring

Coloring for your pet is the new craze! Would you like a little pizazz for your pet? Try adding a little color! Our Tulsa Pet Spa can make your Bichon pretty and pink, or make your Maltese the Rock star that he is by giving him a purple and blue tail.
All colors are pet safe and non-toxic. Colors last from as little as a few days to as long as your pets next grooming (about 4-6 weeks) so you’re pet can sport a new color every time he/she gets groomed.

Natural Dead Sea Mud Bath

(Picture of your muddy pup included.)
A mixture of Dead Sea mud, minerals, eucalyptus oil, aloe, and vitamin E, to exfoliate and moisturize.

Wine and Dine

A cool, clear, and refreshing drink of mineral water, plus an all-natural snack.

Blueberry Facial

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Warm-oil treatment

Natural and organic oils help rejuvenate a dry, brittle coat.

K-9 Massage

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Fresh bath paw treatment and natural oils are used to condition and smooth the pads. Nail Trim and File.

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