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Most people have dogs or cats. Our society provides many one stop shops for our everyday needs such as clothes, groceries, and even toilet paper. But, have you ever thought about that same type of service being provided for all of your furry friend’s needs too? Well, one exists. The Paw Spa OK is the right place for you to get your furry, four-legged friend bathed, hair clipped, and even get their favorite pet food!

Our Tulsa groomers taking care of your furry friend will determine the coat type description they have while you pick out the type of grooming service that is required: basic bath, face, feet, and tail(fft), basic hair cut, and scissor style. The Paw Spa’s groomers will give your pet the utmost attention to what they need done by consulting with you first in case of any injuries or allergies. During their bath, your furry friend will receive a gentle shampoo, easy ear cleaning, checking anal glands and expression. If needed, your pet can also get a nail trim and file, blow dry, brush out, deodorize with cologne (Natural Aroma-Therapy) and finish with an accessory such as a scarf or bow.

We offer services to both dogs and cats. Our groomers will help your feline friend minimize hairballs in their stomach. If your pet is beginning to look their age and you, the owner want to help add some pizzazz to your pet’s gray areas, you can even add some color to your pet’s hair to spruce it up, and help them look spunky and young again!

If you get busy with work or running errands while your pet is being pampered and go over the allotted two hour time limit, no worries! The Paw Spa offers a daycare system for a fee. As they make it one of their goals to keep kennel time to a minimum, if your pet requires extra attention after the two hour time limit such as bathroom breaks and extra meals, this daycare fee will cover it! So, take this one stop shop for your furry friend and give them their day at the spa at little inconvenience to you at The Paw Spa!

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