Your stylist will coat type your pet

Please be aware that coat typing is done by the stylists. Your pet may be coat typed differently than you think.
Example: A longhaired or feathered combo coat that has been cut short from a previous haircut would be a "short hair". Our expert Tulsa Pet Groomer will be able to determine that.Coat Type Descriptions

Pet Grooming

(Basic Groom)

Dog Grooming

Keep your dog's coat healthy and shiny with our Tulsa Pet Groomer.

This includes a gently shampoo, easy ear cleaning, checking anal glands and expression if needed, nail trim and file, blow dry, brush out, deodorize with cologne (Natural Aroma-Therapy) and finish with a scarf or bow.

Includes everything in the Basic Bath plus: sanitary clip, trimming around the eyes and ears and shaving hair around the pads and feet.

Includes everything in the Basic FFT plus: full body haircut and style when hair length is under an inch and body and legs are the same length.

Includes everything in the Basic FFT plus: expert over all styling that necessitates hand scissoring. The body and legs may include different lengths and may include a skirt. This includes the long fluffy cuts, breed specific patterns with furnishings longer than 1 inch, sculpted cuts, hand stripping (plucking a harsh coat) and guide comb cuts.

Cat Grooming

Our Tulsa Pet Groomer will help minimize hairballs in your cat's stomach.

This includes a gently shampoo, easy ear cleaning, checking anal glands and expression if needed, nail trim and file, blow dry, brush out, and deodorize with cologne (Natural Aroma-Therapy).

Includes everything in the Basic Bath plus: a lion cut or shave.

Pet Care

(Spa Service)

Complete tooth brushing and breath control.

Removal of Excess Hair.

We can remove 60-80% of shedding hair.

Looking for a natural way to get rid of fleas and ticks?

Help prevent infections. (plucked if needed)

Dremel & Buff.

Pet Spa and Pampering

(Spa Service additions)

Your pet looking a little tired and gray?

Minerals in our dead sea mud bath can help with muscle/joint pain and help reduce shedding.

Your dog will leave smelling fresh with a beautiful glowing face.

The benefits of a K-9 massage includes; increasing circulation, flexibility, and can help maintain muscle tone.

Add a little pizazz to your pet.

A cool, clear, and refreshing drink of mineral water, plus an all-natural snack.

Help rejuvenate your pet's coat.

Manicure For Dogs.

Pet Spa Packages

(More Ways to Pamper Your Pet)

Renew Spa

To help revitalize brilliance. Sometimes your pet just needs a little pampering.

Comfort Spa

To calm and soothe, for those stressful veterinarian visits.

Ultimate Spa

To nourish and rehydrate, after a day at the dog park.

Daycare Fee

We understand that some of our clients have to work or have errands to run while their pet is being pampered. However, unless otherwise approved, if your dog is here for 2 hours or more after we have called to let you know they are ready, you will be charged a daycare fee. We strive to keep kennel time at a minimum therefore if your pet is here for 2 hours or longer they will need special attention (bathroom breaks etc).


We schedule all our appointments to ensure your pet gets out in a timely manner. If you show up late it hinders us from being able to get other pets who show up on time out as quick as possible. If you know that you will be late please notify us at 918-392-0099. If you are tardy 30 minutes or longer we will not be able to get your dog/cat done before the others that showed up on time. This also means it may take a while longer to get your pet done. If this is an issue we can always reschedule. We appreciate all of our customers and that is why we need to make sure it is fair for all of our pets that come through our doors.


Proof of vaccinations including Bordetella must be provided to attend The Paw Spa daycare & grooming services.
Dogs must be friendly to other dogs and people. Aggressive dogs will NOT be allowed to play in the play yard.
If your dog has any symptoms like; vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, etc while in our care, we will call you for immediate pickup.

Tulsa Pet Groomer – Pet Services

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