Tulsa Groomers – Why Regular Grooming is Important

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Tulsa Groomers – Haircuts to people are to showcase a fresh look, look better or feel better about their appearance. As for your dog, a haircut is essential for many reasons. If your dog isn’t properly groomed and taken care of, it could undergo health consequences.

Why is regular grooming important?

Lauren Lakritz, an Animal Care Technician in the ASPA’s Animal Recovery Center and certified professional groomer says, “Grooming is as important as bringing your pet to the vet for regular checkups.”

Keeping up with your pet’s well-being isn’t just for good looks and beauty, but it will retain them from obtaining something worse underneath the fur. Something are left unseen and known about. Having a regular grooming session schedule will enable the groomer to discover any issues your pet may be having.

Some conditions that our Tulsa groomers can discover are:

  • Ear infections
  • Skin irritations/ bad skin conditions
  • Cysts
  • Matted fur

As for matted fur, that can progressively get worse without care. The hair can become irritated to infected within days. Having open skin and wounds on a pet’s skin can cause fleas and ticks to hide in those places making it more irritable for your pet.

Pets that are more harmed from matted hair are typically long-haired dogs or cats. Not only does their hair get matted and it looks like a knotted mess, it can lead to oxygen difficulties and strangulation to the limbs. Animals will sometimes have a severe case that leads to amputation.

How to keep their hair groomed regularly

At The Paw Spa, you will choose your basic grooming session from a basic bath to scissor style. Next, you can choose from the spa service of breath control, carding, shed-reducing, flea and tick dip, cleansing of the ears, or nail trim and file. Lastly, our Tulsa groomers will weigh your pet to see how long the process will take and you’ll need to schedule your appointment for.

Our Tulsa groomers at The Paw Spa will examine your pooch by the hair type they have and see what will need to be done in order to maintain their hair and health.

We offer basic bathing methods and three additional spa packages to “pamper your pet”. Those packages are:

  • Renew Spa: it helps revitalize the brilliance of your pet.
  • Comfort Spa: it calms and soothes the pet if they’re not ones that like the vet or grooming process.
  • Ultimate Spa: this package nourishes and rehydrates your pet after a long day at the park.

Schedule your visit today for a grooming session with our Tulsa groomers!

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