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Happy Friday! It’s time for the weekend and to spend quality time with your family and dog! Are you wanting make your dog happy? Tulsa groomers has a few tips on how to be a catch for your dogs. Coming home from a long week can wear you out, but the last you want to do is ignore your dog. If your dog isn’t seeming as happy as usual, here are some tips on how to have a blissful dog!

  1. Using a happy voice or friendly tone when you call your dog is a great start. Think of your dogs as another person, you wouldn’t approach another person you like with an angry tone.
  2. Having a scheduled play time will eliminate the lonesome feelings that your dog may be having. Dogs love playing whether they are inside or outside. Any attention that they receive that involves running around or tugging at a toy, they love it! If you can’t clock out a long amount of time, 10 minutes can really make a difference and will improve their behavior into a good one.
  3. Consistency is key. The same motions, actions, and discipline you give your dog, your company should follow the same. Your dog could get confused if you’re treating him differently jumping up on you opposed to jumping up on a friend.
  4. Keep a schedule of when your dog eats or receives a treat. Why? Because your dog is smart and will remember that schedule once they’re put into a routine.
  5. Exercise is highly important for your dog. Some of the sadness or behavioral issues derives from lack of exercise. Just like us, dogs can feel lazy and sad without cranking out happy endorphins from physical activity.
  6. Put down the phone. Plain and simple. Most of us are guilty of playing with our dog while checking our social media accounts. Dogs notice if you’re giving them full attention. Try putting your phone on silent next time you interact or play with them.
  7. Having a comfy spot within the home is important. Dogs need a place to plop down, relax, and take a snooze. It’s important to provide them with a comfortable spot within the home because they sleep most of the day!

If your dog(s) are feeling down and need a pick-me-up, try these few tips out to help them become a happier and blissful dog! Connect with The Paw Spa- Tulsa Groomers on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to learn more about our pet grooming services and tips for a healthy pet lifestyle!


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