Keeping Your Pet Cool and Comfortable

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Tulsa Groomers – The hot summer days calls for tank tops and shorts. Whenever we get overheated, we head indoors to air conditioning and fix ourselves an ice water. As a pet owner, we know the importance to keep them hydrated, out of cars, and out of the sun all day. But, you can’t remove their fur coats, so what do you do to keep your pet cool and comfortable?

Since you can’t remove their thick fur coats like you can your winter jacket, it’s vital to pay attention to how long your pet is outside without water, food or a shaded area. Pets can experience heat exhaustion, so it’s important to provide them with the essentials as you would yourself.

Here are some tips for keeping your pet cool and comfortable during the hot days of summer.


Fresh, cold water on a daily basis for your pet will keep them hydrated throughout the day. Providing them with a water bowl outside and inside is essential for play time and dinner time. You want to make sure your pet is staying hydrated throughout the hot summer days because they can easily get dehydrated like us. Drawing them a cool bath without the soap or using your garden hose in the yard will cool them off. Sprinklers are a great addition to your yard because they’ll water the grass while supplying your pooch with a cool atmosphere to cool off in. They will love this!

Too Hot

Just like our feet, their paw pads can get overheated. Their paw pads are also very tough and can get sensitive such as being burned on the hot black pavement you’re walking them on. If the temperature outside reflects the pavement, consider walking them on the grass or dirt areas. Check their paws for redness or pain (such as limping) and have them rest and stay off their feet and indoors.

The outdoors might be your pet’s favorite place to be. If so, make sure they have a shaded area to rest during the day. As the summer days get hotter and the sun moves, the shaded area should be readily available for their convenience, especially if you’re gone for a couple hours.

Fur Coats

It’s important to keep up with the health and comfort of your pet’s fur coat. Our Tulsa groomers are great with your pet’s hair and attaining their comfortability throughout the various seasons, especially summertime. Our groomers will keep the hair out of their eyes and over growing their paws. Depending on the breed of your pet, your pet might need to remain unshaved because light skinned animals can get sunburned. Their fur coat protects them from the sun and other infections.

With the help of our Tulsa groomers and your home efforts, your pet will be cool and comfortable during the summer days.

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