Grooming Tips for Your Dog this Summer

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Make sure your dog is having fun in the sun by using these four grooming tips!

1. Brush that hair! Brush, de-shed, rake, and comb your dog’s hair regularly! This is important especially if your dog loves the pool as much as you do! Keep your dog’s skin healthy by brushing him or her often.


2. Clean their ears! If you have a water dog then you need to be cleaning your pup’s ears. Bacteria is found in lakes, ponds and rivers that will give your dog bacterial infection. Be ahead of this by washing him or her off after a swim and apply dog-ear cleaner. Apply a large amount and massage the cleaner into the base of the dog’s ear.


3. Don’t shave your dogs if they have a double coat! The coat is the dog’s way of climate control. It will also protect them again a sunburn and stickers. A dog does not need to be shaved down to be cool. If the coat is not packed with undercoat or matted, the hair “lofts” as the dog moves, cooling him to the skin.


4. Ticks and fleas come out heavily in the summer. Brush and wash your dog more often because of this. It will keep your dog happier, healthier and your house free from those little critters. Ticks don’t come in great numbers like fleas, but they can carry very serious and life-threatening illnesses. They often hide on their bellies, around their ears, in their “arm” pits, and near the base of the tail. For long haired dogs, run a flea comb into the grain of the hair under good lighting to check for fleas and ticks.


If you follow these summer grooming tips both you and your pup will have a happier and healthier summer vacation!

Visit your groomer to make sure you are doing everything you can for your best friend.


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