Why Grooming is Important in Winter

Girl trains her German Shepherd. German Shepherd playing with toy and his mistress in winter sunny day. Girl walks her German Shepherd or dog on background of a snow-covered forests or bushes with hoarfrost and freezing drizzle.

The summer days aka the dog days are over, but that doesn’t put your grooming routine to a halt.

Winter grooming is just as important as summer grooming. Even though the winter air is cold and chilly, your dog’s fur coat should still be receiving its regular grooming. Most dog owners wouldn’t think that the winter season wouldn’t be necessary, but dogs need more attention during the winter.

When the grooming sessions stop during the winter, their coats will matt and cause discomfort and skin issues. To keep your dog happy and healthy, here’s what we recommend for grooming during the winter.


Although dogs won’t sweat as much during the winter, it’s important to keep their bath time routine. Whether it’s once a week or month, it will keep their skin and hair healthy. One tip is to never use human shampoo because it carries a different pH level, so make sure you’re using at least baby shampoo or a high-quality dog shampoo to keep the wash last.

After bath time, it’s important to completely dry the coat. You should use a hair dryer on cool mode to get it dry or towel dry them very well. Even after playing in the rain or damp weather outside, it’s best to wipe them off good because their body heat won’t dry them well enough.


Most dog owners think that leaving their dog’s coat longer in the winter will help keep them warm throughout the colder season. Without trimming your dog’s coat during winter, it will grow longer due to the cold weather. Not trimming their coats will cause irritation and matting.

Brushing and Dematting

Brushing and dematting continues into the winter season will help prevent matting, knots and skin irritation. Brushing prevents bad shedding and detangles the knots that happen during play. If your dog doesn’t like the brushing, maybe consider using a new brush or try brushing more lightly.

Tip: Make sure to brush and dematt before bath time because the knots can get even worse when wet!

Keeping your fur ball happy all-year round will make your life easier and theirs!

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