Why Dogs Are Scared of Fireworks

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Fireworks are a huge deal for summer holidays, ball games, and celebrations. They bring together friends and family with the beautifully displayed colors and designs. But, we can’t forget about the loud booms and crackles the fireworks leave behind after being set off. Having a pet, especially a dog; you will find them hiding under the bed or blankets. Most likely your dog is scared of fireworks.

Why? How? We’ll answer those questions below.


Many dogs will experience serious anxiety from the noise that fireworks create. Dogs have something called noise aversion, which is a dog version of anxiety or fear of loud noises. So, not just fireworks. Your dog might experience this during a loud whistling storm, construction or the dump truck. Any loud noises can trigger this experience and it’s not pleasant for the dog either.

Noise Aversion

Dogs will typically return to their normal state once the noise goes away. Some dogs can carry noise aversion with them more as a psychological response. As a person gets anxious, a dog can have persistent anxiety. This anxiety is especially higher in summer time due to all of the louder noises. There are some causes as to why dogs are scared of these loud noises compared to other animals:

  • Lack of exposure to fireworks, construction, loud noises, etc.
  • Not understanding what it is
  • Stressed induced responses
  • Social transmission

Taking Action- What to Do

There are many ways to go about the situation. If you know when the fireworks are happening or when loud strenuous noises are going to occur, you can help your dog out by preparing for the day.

  • Preparing for the big day by slowly introducing them to loud noises with playing fireworks through a speaker when in your home.
  • Not cuddling them is the first thing you want to do, but it won’t help the situation because it might encourage their fear for fireworks and loud noises.
  • Being playful with them during the loud noises can help ease stress and anxiety.
  • Ask the Tulsa groomers what to do and if there are any natural remedies or medicinal remedies to take away the stress.

As a pet owner, we don’t like to see our dogs or cats in pain especially if it’s stress that makes them scared or sad.

Although we have just celebrated the Fourth of July, fireworks will stick around for the remainder of summer. So, follow these tips and hopefully you will have a happy and not scared pup.

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