5 Adorable Yorkie Haircuts

Yorkshire (Yorkie) Terrier is a dog breed needs proper and frequent grooming. The grooming experts at Paw Spa can help keep your Yorkie looking, well, like a Yorkie! There are a variety of Yorkie haircuts for you to choose from. See the top 5 here:

Show Trim

picture of yorkie show cut

This is the hair that is required in accordance with the rules of the American Kennel Club and the events that are sponsored by this association. The main aim of this style is to keep the dog’s hair in the most natural way. The possibility that you have with this style is to trim slightly the coat, the ears, and the feet, getting a neat look that is desired. The topknot, the name that the top of the hair is famous with, must be held away of the dog’s eyes and this is achieved by gathering it on a ponytail, fixing it on the top of the head with a bow.

Puppy Cut

Yorkie puppy cut - photo

This is perhaps the most famous Yorkie cut, especially for young dogs. When you choose this style then your dog`s hair is clipped all over and the exact length of cutting the coat is according to the preference of the owner. The usual length that is kept is about one or two inches. The name of the dog`s haircut comes with the word puppy in it, because it makes you dog look like having a natural puppy coat.

Squared Puppy Cut

Yorkie Squared Puppy Cut - picture

The puppy cut is used as a base for this haircut. The hair of the body and the legs is clipped short, but the face hair is trimmed in such a way that a square bob is achieved. Using a bit of gel in the end for the facial hair, which is about an inch long, will be the final touch for getting the square shape. This hairstyle also has a few different variants. So it depends on the owner if he or she wishes to keep the facial hair a bit longer so that the Yorkie still keeps the topknot or you can add rounded pompoms on the dog’s ankles.

Your dog has a neat face with this hairstyle, there are no chances to get a tangled hair and is perfect for hot summer months because it allows the dog’s hair to breathe.

Schnauzer Cut

Yorkie Schnauzer Cut - picture

This type of Yorkie cut is trimmed in the following way – the black portions of your dog`s hair are clipped quite short, maybe even shorter than half an inch, and the tan parts are left a bit longer, again according to the owner`s preference, but the usual length that is chosen is about two inches. Again the hair of the top of the head is kept away from the dog’s eyes.

Flared Cut

It is again a short hair style, except the hairs from the hocks, which is left long. The forehead hair is also left longer so that it goes around and over the ears.

Westie Cut

Yorkie Westie Cut - picture

The entire coat is clipped about an inch away from the floor. The hair of the entire face and the base of the ears is left rounded. The side sections of the face hair almost meet under the chin. The eyes are kept clear by putting the hair back or shaved short.
Just like with the other Yorkie cuts, this one also has variants. The length can again be a bit longer or a bit shorter.

For more Yorkie haircuts inspiration check out yorkiemag.com. When your Yorkie is ready for its next grooming, contact Paw Spa.
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