Hi, my name is Crystal Bowen I am the owner and head stylist here at The Paw Spa.
The Paw Spa is not just a grooming salon, but my dream come true! A place where smaller is better, Where quality comes before quantity, where pets ARE family!!
The Paw Spa is not a big corporation with big numbers, but who said bigger is always better? We specialize on the little guy.

Tulsa PetSpa

We are dedicated to make your loving pet as happy and well kept as possible. We at the Tulsa pet spa love animals and will take very good care of your pet. We want you to feel comfortable leaving your pet with the Tulsa pet spa anytime. We will make your pet look absolutely fabulous when he/she leaves. We want you and your pet to come back to see us because we want to see yall.

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    Crystal Bowen – The Paw Spa

    Owner/Manager: Pet Stylist

    I have been in the pet business since high school. Volunteering at the local veterinarian clinic, I knew that I…

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    Brianna Barton – The Paw Spa


    Hi! I’ve been working with dogs since I was six years old. I started showing Jack Russel Terriers when I…

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